Our Products

Simavita is the fastest-growing leader in data-driven healthcare assessments for incontinence.

Simavita's Smart Incontinence Management (SIM™) technology replaces traditional, manual methods for incontinence assessments with a unique automated system that helps facilities to create customized care plans, which can help reduce falls, UTIs, and skin events while increasing quality of life and dignity for the aged.

With the recent release of upgraded and new products to market Simavita provides sensors for all segments of the large and growing diaper market.


Our products include:

Extremely low cost sensor platform technology for everyday use in all adult and infant diapers.

AlertPLUS™ connects to your smart device, phone or tablet via an App.


Low cost and easy to use assessment platform. A focus on ensuring that the aged and disabled, who

live in the community, will be provided with the right diaper at the right time. A 48 to 72-hour

assessment program will drive reduced costs by up to 25% as well as improved health outcomes,

including reduced accidents associated with falls and improved skin integrity.



SIM™ Clinical is Simavita’s industrial assessment product for institutional rehabilitation and aged care institutions who have demanding requirements for integration and reporting.