Simavita Limited Annual Report 2020

Self-forming WiFi mesh network Monitoring App Direct, easy to understand traffic light monitoring of diaper state, time in position, falls, fluid output warnings vs average Pod Low cost, safe, continuous monitoring. Patents granted. Low cost, roll-to-roll, symmetrical sensor design. No impact on diaper manufacturing lines. Patents granted. Sensor Bluetooth & WiFi Mesh Continuous data coverage for monitored patients. Especially useful in institutional settings. Care Dashboard Web based monitoring of one or many patients. Smart triaging of alerts to focus care support. Push Notifications Receive alerts on your mobile device. Convenient alert subscription capability. Web apps & services Cloud ready, GDPR compliant support for institutional or at-home care Copyright 2020 Simavita Ltd ecosystem INTRODUCTION Simavita Limited (ASX: SVA) is a MedTech Company focused on the development of smart, wearable and disposable platform technologies for the health care market. Since 2017 Simavita has transitioned into a MedTech Company with a low recurring cost structure capable of delivering product to new and major markets of interest. The Company can now deliver a portfolio of sensors and systems that will meet a clear demand for cost effective, better and timely information to address all segments of the international infant diaper and adult diaper industry. The opportunity represents a clear unmet market need to provide low cost product to a rapidly growing US$53bn diaper market for infants and a US$11bn market for adult incontinence pads. TECHNOLOGY – MAKING DIAPERS SMART AND CONNECTED WITH SMARTZ™ Smartz™ is Simavita’s flagship product. It represents over 10 years of accumulated development, knowledge and significant investment by the Company. Smartz™ is a platform of applications, which provides meaningful real time feedback on the wellbeing of the wearer. Smartz™ takes the worry out of care. Simavita has thoroughly researched the market requirements through extensive engagement with global diaper manufacturers, distributors and consumers. This research has led to the development of wearable sensors and a portfolio of Apps that meet a clear demand for change in major markets. Our platform technology, Smartz™, delivers cost effectiveness as well as better and timely information to address all segments of the international adult incontinence and infant diaper industry. In the short term, we are focused on a rapid route to market including full regulatory approval to sell product in major markets. These are major market opportunities. The sale and negotiation process with partner organisations is often long and complex. Nonetheless, we are seeing enormous shift in focus toward smart diaper products in our target markets. About Simavita Simavita Limited 4