Simavita Limited Annual Report 2020

On behalf of the Directors and staff of Simavita, I invite you to review the results of the Company for the financial year ending 30 June 2020 as set out in the following pages. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on businesses globally. Internationally, aged care has been largely closed to new clinical programs. Manufacturers on their side, have had to contend with keeping production, supply and logistic lines operational. As a consequence, Simavita’s well laid plans to commence clinical and commercial rollout programs during the 2020 financial year were significantly impacted. Throughout the year, we have very much refocused our attention on progressing matters where we have some control and where we believe we will deliver the greatest shareholder value, including: – Building relationships with major international partner organisations; – Progressing our corporate reorganization strategy; and – Completing the development of a fully functional Cloud Based and App Driven, platform technology. When and where possible, we have conducted clinical testing in Australia. We have also completed significant internal product testing to the highest possible levels. We have designed Smartz™ as a platform technology, to deliver significant cost and functional advantage over dumb diapers and competing smart technologies. These advantages go well beyond ease of use and exceptionally low cost of manufacture, with significant functional improvements. Manufacturers can now deliver Smartz™ enabled product in as little as days from a standing start. Furthermore, Smartz™ product may now be customised to suit the strengths and individual requirements of each partner organisation including full multi-lingual support. Importantly, the Company has materially progressed active dialogue with a number of organisations with specific interest in our platform technology. These negotiations are complex, incomplete and conditional. Simavita is committed to informing our shareholders on a timely basis should these negotiations become finalised and binding agreements are entered. Our business strategy is clear, maintain low operating costs, whilst seeking to license our technology to major partner organisations in the world’s largest markets. Our revenue model is to focus on technology development, delivery and in the management of data. Equally, we’re committed to enabling partner organisations to sell low cost and highly functional Smartz™ product to their customers. In working with partner organisations, it is clear that the impact of the Smartz™ technology platform on the manufacture and sale of hygiene product is profound. Michael Spooner Chairman Chairman’s Letter Simavita Limited 2