Simavita Limited Annual Report 2020

Simavita Limited 10 DIRECTORS The names of the Directors of Simavita Limited who held office during the year and to the date of this report are: Michael R Spooner Gary W Pace Damien M Haakman Alan D Fisher (appointed July 22, 2019) John C McBain (appointed November 26, 2019) COMPANY SECRETARY Peta C Jurd GROUP OVERVIEW Simavita Limited is a public company incorporated in Canada and it is the ultimate parent company for four wholly-owned subsidiaries: Simavita Holdings Limited Simavita (Aust) Pty Ltd Fred Bergman Healthcare Pty Ltd Simavita US Inc. PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS Principal place of business for the Group is Suite 2.02, Level 2, 54 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia. The country of incorporation of the ultimate parent and controlling entity of the Group is in Canada. PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES The Simavita Group of companies (the “Group”) is one of the world leaders in the development of smart, wearable and disposable sensors for the global diaper industry. The Group is focused upon major and rapidly growing markets for adult and infant diapers which currently amount to over USD$64bn annually. The Group’s product range now encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of electronic sensors and systems from incontinence assessment through to everyday use. Smartz™ is the core platform technology. Smartz™ is a hyper low cost, completely disposable product linked to smart devices including phones and tablets. Its target market includes adult and infant users for all geographies. Simavita operates in Australia, Europe and North America where there is a significant and growing demand for products that deliver real clinical and cost benefits to the health care industry. The Directors submit their report on the consolidated entity consisting of Simavita Limited and the entities it controlled at the end of June 30, 2020. Throughout the report, the consolidated entity is referred to as the Group. Directors’ Report for the year ended June 30, 2020