Why It Works

For the vast majority of healthcare facilities dealing with incontinence it still remains unchanged from practices put in place over 100 years ago. The only change has been the introduction of adult disposable diapers.

Unfortunately, these practices result in high costs and poor resident outcomes.

In most current practices, residents are immediately placed in adult diapers for a 72-hour continence assessment. The resident then requires hourly manual checks with direct observation and hand-written notation, which must then be transcribed into a resident record (manual or electronic). The process is time consuming, can be disruptive for the resident, and results in incomplete and subjective data collection.

These incontinence assessments are necessary to conform to regulations, accreditation standards, reimbursement guidelines as well as providing more accurate care plans.

But it is the standards that are important, not the manual practices.


Everything changes with the Smart Incontinence Management SIM™ products.

Simavita have pioneered the first smart wearable device designed to manage incontinence—capable of restoring quality of life, easing the workload that assessment and care plan development puts on caregivers, and reducing the high costs of incontinence management. This is achieved with an evidence-based medical device.