Why Invest

Simavita develops and markets advanced systems associated with smart, wearable and disposable technologies for the aged and disabled care market and also for the global diaper manufacturing industry. This industry currently generates approximately USD21bn in annual revenues.

The management’s vision and strategy for the Company is clear and achievable … to rapidly build a highly valuable and profitable business.


Reasons to Take a
Closer Look

  1. Simavita has developed a world-first solution to improve care and reduce costs for those suffering from urinary incontinence, through its patented SIM™ technology platform.

  2. SIM™ is market validated and has been directly rolled out in over 135 aged care facilities, reaching over 12,800 elderly beds.

  3. A clear growth strategy is based on a globally scalable product. Simavita is positioned to respond to a number of mega-trends shaping the aged care and healthcare markets. These include:

    1. An ageing population, particularly in developed countries

    2. Demand for digitised healthcare to reduce costs and improve accuracy

    3. Growing emphasis on consumer choice and improved quality of care

  4. Agreements have been reached with leading electronic health record (EHR) platforms (PointClickCare, MatrixCare and Healthmetrics) to establish system interoperability and there by further grow US and Australian sales in the medium term.

  5. United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval has been granted in North America, Simavita’s key rollout market for SIM™. The platform has also received clearance in Australia, the UK and Canada