Three Pillars

What's good for the resident is also good for the facility

Beyond the benefits to the resident, accurate assessment and care plans-free of subjectivity and guesswork-can also improve the health of the care facility.

Risk Management:

By mitigating risks associated with incontinence, facility operations become more efficient.

  • Preventing Falls
  • Improving Facility Ratings
  • Optimizing Staff
  • Preventing Adverse Event Costs
  • MDS 3.0 Regulatory Compliance

Operational Efficiencies:

With efficiency comes reduced costs, increased revenue, and enhanced marketability.

  • Cost Reductions
    • 25% reduction in use of incontinence products
    • 35% reduction in labor utilization
  • Revenue Increases
    • Improved marketing to potential patients

Improving Resident Outcomes:

Better incontinence management can significantly improve clinical outcomes, dignity, and well-being for the aged.

  • Promote resident-specific care plans
  • Promote resident dignity
  • Promote resident satisfaction
  • Potential restoration of continence