SIM™ delivers real benefits

Current manual incontinence assessments provide little in the way of objective, traceable data, and can often result in high costs and poor outcomes for seniors. Some observations are handwritten notations, which must then be transcribed into an electronic health record. The process is time consuming and may result in incomplete and subjective data collection.

With Smart Incontinence Management (SIM™), we can provide objective and accurate data that is traceable. The caregiver can then create a care plan with accurate toileting and product change times that meet the needs of the seniors under their care.

Everything changes with Smart Incontinence Management.


SIM benefits

Why change a century-old process? Because the old process is expensive and ineffective. Smart Incontinence Management changes the way we care for seniors and provides many benefits to not only seniors, but the caregivers and facilities that care for them.


Use Fewer Disposables

SIM helps reduce the number of disposables used both during assessment and over the period of treatment.


Creating Efficiencies

With specific care plans, staff spends less time completing toileting events.


Improved Outcomes

Improved sanitation and better continence management can significantly improve clinical outcomes, dignity, and well-being.


Reduced Waste & Disposal

When residents can be effectively toileted, they require fewer disposable items and a reduction of staff time from cleaning.


Workplace Cost Savings

A SIM care plan helps reduce the labor associated with assessment and treatment of incontinence.


Swifter Certification & Accreditation

Swifter SIM™ software reporting helps facilities provide detailed documentation to government agencies for certification, accreditation, and reimbursement.


The Bottom Line: SIM™ can help your facility significantly reduce costs while improving resident outcomes.


Simavita continence assessment and management delivers real results

Whether you use SIM™ Clinical or AssessPLUS™, the Simavita smart, wearable and disposable technologies deliver meaningful results. Our experience is widely based and points directly toward substantial and sustained benefit including:

  • Improved quality of life for those who suffer incontinence. Simavita solutions ensure incontinence is managed properly helping people to regain confidence and enjoy their lives, enjoy social activity without fear of embarrassment
  • Falls, together with the fear of falling, amongst seniors and people with disabilities often lead to life threatening injuries. These risks may be either eliminated or dramatically reduced by aligning toileting interventions with need
  • Skin care is improved by minimizing the potential for wetness accumulation near the skin
  • Urinary tract infections that so often accompany incontinence may be dramatically reduced or eliminated by properly aligning hygiene management with need
  • Dramatically improved hydration through fluid monitoring and as a consequence, improved mental and physical acuity
  • Eliminates time consuming and invasive manual assessment
  • For those people particularly with incontinence related to a physical impairment, such as a stroke, who are undergoing rehabilitation, the Simavita product can often lead to retraining and restoring continence either in part or in total.
  • A true and accurate record with which to have meaningful dialogue with those who live with the issue of incontinence, and to satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Importantly, our experience is that the Simavita incontinence assessment and management products lead directly to substantial cost savings both in terms of pad and diaper costs as well as carer time required to manage those people who may be incontinent