SIM™ benefits

Current manual incontinence assessments provide little in the way of objective, traceable data, and can often result in high costs and poor outcomes for seniors. Some observations are handwritten notations, which must then be transcribed into an electronic health record. The process is time consuming and may result in incomplete and subjective data collection.

With Smart Incontinence Management (SIM™), we can provide objective and accurate data that is traceable. The caregiver can then create a care plan with accurate toileting and product change times that meet the needs of the seniors under their care.

Everything changes with Smart Incontinence Management.

SIM benefits

Why change a century-old process? Because the old process is expensive and ineffective. Smart Incontinence Management changes the way we care for seniors and provides many benefits to not only seniors, but the caregivers and facilities that care for them.

Use Fewer Disposables

SIM helps reduce the number of disposables used both during assessment and over the period of treatment.

Creating Efficiencies

With specific care plans, staff spends less time completing toileting events.

Improved Outcomes

Improved sanitation and better continence management can significantly improve clinical outcomes, dignity, and well-being.

Reduced Waste & Disposal

When residents can be effectively toileted, they require fewer disposable items and a reduction of staff time from cleaning.

Workplace Cost Savings

A SIM care plan helps reduce the labor associated with assessment and treatment of incontinence.

Swifter Certification & Accreditation

Swifter SIM™ software reporting helps facilities provide detailed documentation to government agencies for certification, accreditation, and reimbursement.

The Bottom Line: SIM can help your facility significantly reduce costs while improving resident outcomes.