Our Vision

Simavita Limited is absolutely focused upon rapidly building a profitable and valuable business through delivering new, low cost, industry disruptive technology to the USD64bn annual market for adult and infant diapers.

The Company’s strategy is entitled PIVOT and provides a roadmap to deliver new product to enormously expanded international markets, whilst generating real and sustainable cost reductions within the business ... an opportunity to do substantially more with much less.

The Company produces a portfolio of sensors and systems that meet a clear demand for smart diapers delivering a ‘time to change’ alert function to the global diaper industry. The opportunity represents a clear unmet market need to provide a low cost, intelligent product to a rapidly growing market which produces approximately 180bn diapers annually. Our intent is to partner with multiple diaper manufacturers globally on a non-exclusive basis to integrate Simavita’s alert technology into their diapers and incontinence products.