Our Vision

Our vision is clear and achievable... to rapidly build a highly valuable and profitable business.

Simavita Limited (ASX: SVA) develops and markets advanced systems associated with smart, wearable and disposable technologies for the aged and disabled care market and also for the global diaper manufacturing industry. This industry currently generates approximately USD21bn in annual revenues. 

In the past 12 months the Company undertook an extensive review of its resources, its Intellectual property and skills. The result of this review was a new vision and strategy for the Company. The Company’s strategy is entitled PIVOT and provides a roadmap to deliver new product to enormously expanded international markets, whilst generating real and sustainable cost reductions within the business ... an opportunity to do substantially more with much less. 

The opportunity represents a clear unmet market need to provide low cost product to a rapidly growing US$9bn market for adult incontinence pads and a US$12bn diaper market for infants.