Our Vision

To deliver an evidenced based solution which dramatically improves the quality of life of those suffering from incontinence globally

Simavita have pioneered the first smart wearable device designed to manage incontinence—capable of restoring quality of life, easing the workload that assessment and care plan development puts on caregivers, and reducing the high costs of incontinence management.

We aim to deliver our patented leading diagnostic tool for major rapidly growing markets associated with urinary incontinence.


240 Million - People in the Western world are incontinent.

7.2 Million - Long-term beds globally.

15+ Million - Manual incontinence assessments each year globally.

$6 Billion (USD) - Spent on assessment labor costs each year—in nursing homes alone.

$9 Billion (USD) - Spent on incontinence products each year—predicted to reach $30 billion by year 2030.

5.4 Million - Manual incontinence assessments each year—in the U.S. alone.

$20 Billion (USD) - Burden of urinary incontinence on U.S. labor costs.