Health, Safety & Dignity

When you take away the guesswork, health, safety and dignity are restored

Whether you use SIM™ Clinical or AssessPLUS™, the Simavita smart, wearable and disposable technologies deliver meaningful results.


Simavita’s solutions provide improved quality of life for those who suffer incontinence. They ensure incontinence is managed properly helping people to regain confidence and enjoy their lives, enjoy social activity without fear of embarrassment.


Unlike the traditional assessment methods that are time consuming, costly, inefficient, and can leave caregivers and seniors at high risk for complications, a care plan generated by the SIMTM Clinical or AssessPLUS™ system can improve health and reduce risk of falls, UTIs, and skin infections. It also dramatically improves hydration through fluid monitoring which in turn improves mental and physical acuity.


Providing an assessment with an appropriate toileting routine and the correct continence /care products will provide a better quality of life and restore dignity to the person affected with incontinence.