assessPLUS™ is a truly progressive solution for the assessment and management of incontinence. Built on a solid foundation of in-market experience, patented solutions, and advanced technology, assessPLUS™ delivers all of the benefits of instrumented assessments and editable, automated care planning in a portable, easy to use, rapid deployment package. 

assessPLUSTM meets the market demand for wearable technology that not only turns data into actionable information, but does so with virtually no training or infrastructure complexity. Features include fully stand-alone capability (networking / cloud optional), integrated training and help, streamlined workflow, and editable, automated recommendations for the key parameters of incontinence product change times, volume to manage, and toileting times aligned to maximise toileting success.

assessPLUSTM delivers all of the benefits of instrumented assesments and editable, automated care planning in a portable, easy to use, rapid deployment package.


assessPLUSTM - founded on the strength of Simavita’s Smart Incontinence Management technology (SIM™).  



assessPLUSTM - Clip and Go 

Smart Incontinence Management solution (SIM™). Collecting data and creating evidence based care plans has never been easier or faster!

Portable - the first wearable sensor designed as an automated, walk-away solution for caregivers conducting continence assessments. 

Clip and Go - data collected electronically, let the software analyse the data and create the report. Makes validation easy. 

Simple process - now takes the guesswork out of viewing incontinence data, which is often hard to understand with other wearable sensors. 

Smart software recommendations - including optimal toileting times, continence product capacity and change times, all in one simple “click”.


Feature assessPLUSTM Benefit Value
Simple selling solution
Shortened sales cycle End user decision making quicker with an increased up take of innovative technology
Takes out the Guesswork
Automated Schedule provides realistic care routines to follow Evidence - based data provides improved dignity and independence
Cost effective Medical Device
Affordable evidence based continence assessments reducing overall pad consumption and cost More assessments can be completed resulting in a higher sales of consumables
Set up in four easy steps using a simplified workflow Engages end user to continue to assess
Implementation can take place in any setting Use in any setting: Rehab Community, Hospital, Aged Care and Disability sectors
Minimal / no IT requirement
Minimise on - site deployment. No down time Reduced customer support, lowering network and computing costs
Embedded Help function
Intuitive built-in training and education Low, to no training requirements easy to rollout
No user Log-In for carers observation
Observation entries not dependent on remembering passwords Quick and easy recording of observations, allowing time for other care activities
Events and Observations recorded in real time
Evidence based Bladder chart are created Greater accuracy of the recommended care plan to restore and, or improve continence management
Automated, editable care plans
Recommends the toileting/pad changes times and pad volume to manage Reduced time spent creating continence care plans
Integrated, automatic report generation
Smart software generates the report for the end user. Reduced paperwork Minimise the time/effort required to create reports and optimising clinical care