“Simavita is the
fastest-growing leader

In data-driven healthcare
assessments for incontinence”

“SIM is the
first step

to better continence management”

“SIM is A 21st Century Tool
for Care Providers

Focused on Highest Quality Care”

“Simavita launch new product – assessPLUS”

assessPLUS ‐ Clip and Go
Smart Incontinence Management solution (SIM). Collecting data and creating evidence based care plans has never been easier or faster!

Simavita is an Australian company which has developed an innovative world first medical device for urinary incontinence assessment and management, using the SIM platform technology.

Simavita is a company established to deliver innovative continence solutions for our customers, developed in ethical collaboration with healthcare professionals.

For operators, hospitals and rehabilitation centres, this enables care providers and other institutions to significantly lower their material costs and reduce the time required to manage incontinence in patients

Operating in Australia Europe and North America, conducting assessments is mandatory in these countries and the incontinence assessment creates an influential element of care of each individual.

About Us


Simavita is a company with a mission. Two missions, actually. We see a market opportunity. A wide opportunity to grow a profitable global healthcare technology company.

We also see an opportunity to make a significant difference in people's lives, improving the quality of life for our ageing population.

The staff and leadership of Simavita see these two as a united task.

About us

Investor Information

Simavita is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange with the symbol SVA

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