Simavita Annual Report 2018

On behalf of the Directors and staff of Simavita, I invite you to review the results of the Company for the financial year ending 30 June 2018 as set out in the following pages. The 2017/18 financial year has been a critical period for Simavita. We’ve stepped up to the challenge and worked hard to deliver our PIVOT strategy… a new beginning for the Company. On the 27th August 2018, Simavita announced that we had entered into a major marketing agreement for targeted sales of smart infant and adult diapers to North America and Europe. We firmly believe that this announcement is a key industry validation and clearly signifies the substantial commercial potential for our platform technology... AlertPLUS™. Simavita’s opportunity from here is to materially build our revenue pipeline by licensing the AlertPLUS™ platform technology, whilst maintaining a low cost structure. In two years, Simavita has become a MedTech company with world leading and a patented disruptive platform technology. We are focused on a USD64bn infant and adult diaper industry that is extremely competitive and has failed to materially change in over 25 years. In contrast, however, consumers and retailers in this market place have changed, as have their needs. Chairman’s Letter Simavita’s opportunity from here is to materially build our revenue pipeline by licensing the AlertPLUS™ platform technology Michael Spooner Chairman We will seek to fundamentally disrupt existing markets and to absolutely drive mass market share through continuous innovation. Simavita has now reshaped its core operations into a low recurring cost structure. We no longer need to manufacture product or carry inventory, other than in the support of customers using our legacy systems. Importantly, we clearly understand who our customers are. We’re dedicated to ensuring that we understand their needs and have materially changed the way we do business. Our firm commitment and opportunity is to disrupt markets by delivering smart product and market information to our customers. We believe we can deliver a competitive advantage to our customers. This advantage cannot be matched by existing manufacturers of “dumb” product. Key to our vision at Simavita is to deliver smart product to a generation of parents and carers that expect “connected” information and productivity tools at no or little additional cost. We started this journey on the simple premise that parents and carers of the aged and infirm, simply wanted a connected product that would alert them of a wetness event. Since that time, Simavita has already evolved our product offering across a host of APPs. As with our products, Simavita will itself, remain committed to change and to ensuring that we engage our shareholders and broader stock market. I appreciate that our shareholders have been supportive and patient. The 2018/19 financial year is promising to be an exciting period. Michael Spooner Chairman of the Board of Directors Simavita Limited 5