Simavita Annual Report 2018

ASX Additional Information as at October 12, 2018 Shareholder Information required by the Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) Listing Rules and not disclosed elsewhere in the Report is set out below. 1. In accordance with the 3rd edition ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations, the 2018 Corporate Governance Statement, as approved by the Board, is available on the Company’s website at: http://www.simavita. com. The Corporate Governance Statement sets out the extent to which Simavita Limited has followed the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Recommendations during the 2018 financial year. The 2018 Corporate Governance Statement is current as at August 29, 2018. 2. Substantial shareholders The number of securities held by substantial shareholders and their associates are set out below: Fully paid Ordinary Shares Name Number of Shares/CDIs Interest as at date of Notice Jolimont Lodge Pty Ltd ATF Powell Superannuation Fund 28,251,991 6.82% Daniel Hegglin 25,133,000 6.06% Dussman Group 102,019,031 24.62% Chevron Corporation Pty Ltd 52,178,317 12.59% WF Asian Reconnaissance Fund Limited 24,402,222 5.89% George Tauber Management Pty Ltd and associated entities 23,926,766 5.77% TIGA Trading Pty Ltd 48,212,657 11.63% 3. Number of security holders and securities on issue Simavita Limited has issued the following securities: a. 414,444,801 CHESS Depository Interests (CDIs) held by 932 shareholders; b. 25,939,844 Unlisted options held by 19 option holders; and c. 3 Convertible Notes held by 3 noteholders. 4. Voting rights CHESS Depository Interests In accordance with Article 12 of the Company’s Articles ( Articles ): –– on a vote by show of hands, every person present who is a shareholder or proxy holder and entitled to vote on the matter, has one vote; and –– on a poll, every shareholder entitled to vote on the matter has one vote in respect of each share entitled to be voted on the matter and held by that shareholder and may exercise that vote either in person or by proxy. Options Option holders do not have any voting rights on the options held by them. 57