Simavita Online Annual Report 2017

Chairman’s Letter AlertPLUS™ is key to the future of Simavita. It is the culmination of our significant investment, commitment and knowledge in smart wearable and disposable sensors. Dear Shareholder, In May 2016, you, our shareholders, supported a program to rebuild Simavita. Since then and with your continued support, your company has accomplished a number of timely and extremely important goals. These goals are fundamental to the restructuring of Simavita and our activities to deliver the Company’s primary mission: Rapidly build a profitable and valuable business Simavita outlined to the stock market earlier in 2017 our strategy, PIVOT, which, as the name might suggest, is our change in focus... our change in direction, whilst we continue to leverage our core strengths. PIVOT is a road map to achieving our Mission. The essentials to PIVOT are set out below: PIVOT is Simavita’s roadmap Restructured operations and reduced spending: Key to our PIVOT roadmap has been a review of operations where there is a clear decision to do much more with significantly less. We have managed to accomplish this by organizationally restructuring whilst reducing overall costs. In 2017 alone, we reduced spending by over 40% year on year. We continue to maintain a close eye on all costs whilst ensuring there is no diminution in customer service and most importantly, ensuring that we deliver on our corporate mission. Defining who we are: Over the years, Simavita has invested heavily in developing knowledge and intellectual property in the electronic management of incontinence, specifically for the aged. We’ve taken that knowledge and intellectual property and are now applying it across exponentially larger areas of immediate opportunity particularly within the diaper industry, by clearly understanding that we are: A world leader in smart, wearable and disposable sensors Determining market need: Understanding what we might be able to do in the field of smart, wearable and disposable sensors has enabled us to think laterally in determining the many things that ultimately we may deliver as a Company. We changed the way we think when it comes to our product and services. We have gone to the market and asked a lot of questions: –– who are our customers? –– what do they want? –– what are they prepared to pay for? –– how can we do business better? Rapidly delivering new and exciting product: As a result of our evaluations of market requirements Simavita has now delivered new and exciting product: Over the past 12 months, as promised, the Company has been rebuilt and is clearly focused on delivering a valuable and profitable business. Michael Spooner – Chairman Simavita Limited 2017 Annual Report 6