Simavita Online Annual Report 2017

AlertPLUS TM the key to Simavita’s future Internationally, aged and disability care is growing rapidly and is under massive pressure to cut or preserve costs. There is no winning strategy or change to diaper technology that will enable international diaper manufacturers to profitably win new business or even retain their existing customers without significant reductions to their profit margins. Our experience and market research has guided Simavita in the development of AlertPLUS™. A product we firmly believe is a highly disruptive technology platform, for an industry that is extremely competitive but has largely remained unchanged for many years. Manufacturers of adult and infant products, require an inexpensive, easy to use, electronic alert product to differentiate their product offerings from others who rely solely upon a variant of a commonly available absorbent material or substantial price discounting to win and retain business. AlertPLUS™ delivers a powerful tool which differentiates product offerings, it easily and clearly offers significant advantage to the purchaser/ carer and binds customers to products. AlertPLUS™ is a hyper low cost sensor which forms part of a manufactured diaper. Secured data including urine loss is captured by the sensor and sent to a smart device (phone, tablet or computer) with an App downloaded from the internet. There are few costs associated with manufacture, no impact upon manufacturing and importantly, costs to the end user are marginal. Apps downloaded are simple to use and require no advanced training. In the adult diaper market for the aged and disabled, our research clearly tells us that AlertPLUS™ delivers significant advantage to carers in the Community (home market) as well as to institutional carers. These advantages include: –– Significant reductions in time required to check on patients –– Cost reductions directly associated with changing diapers too early –– Elimination of leakage and the labour as well as cost associated with leaky diapers –– Reduced falls and skin infections which result in a corresponding reduction in medical emergencies –– Improved quality standards for carers and institutions Furthermore, AlertPLUS™ similarly delivers significant advantage to young parents accustomed to using smart devices to check on their child. Parents no longer need to guess or wait until their child becomes upset no matter the time of day or night. Risks associated with diaper rash and infections are limited. Key features include: –– Everyday monitoring solution, complementing our AssessPLUS™ assessment solution –– Ultra-low cost sensor –– Fully integrated into absorbent products –– No tooling costs or assembly-line modifications for manufacturers –– Low cost data aquisition tools –– Smart device (phone, tablet) friendly –– Granted patents AlertPLUS™ – Simavita’s disruptive technology platform for a USD 21bn global market. 5