Simavita Online Annual Report 2017

ASX Additional Information as at September 25, 2017 Shareholder Information required by the Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) Listing Rules and not disclosed elsewhere in the Report is set out below. 1. Substantial shareholders The number of securities held by substantial shareholders and their associates are set out below: Fully paid Ordinary Shares Name Notice Date Number % Michael Powell June 15, 2017 22,912,265 7.39 Robert Hutchison June 15, 2017 17,025,354 5.54 Daniel Hegglin May 30, 2017 16,800,000 5.42 Dussman Pty Ltd May 29, 2017 78,160,131 25.8 Chevron Corporation Pty Ltd May 12, 2017 27,500,000 9.5 WF Asian Reconnaissance Fund Limited May 11, 2017 24,402,222 8.45 2. Number of security holders and securities on issue Simavita Limited has issued the following securities: a. 309,899,594 CHESS Depository Interests ( CDIs ) held by 948 shareholders; and b. 26,298,844 Unlisted options are held by 45 option holders. Details of holders with more than 20% of a class (not issued under an Employee Share Option Plan) are detailed in the table below: Class Number of Holders Holder Name Distribution of Option holders 12,559,844 Options exercisable at $0.05, expiring 23 June 2023 2 Michael Spooner holds 6,279,922 (50%) options in this class. Gary Pace holds 6,279,922 (50%) options in this class. 2 holders hold over 100,001 options. 250,000 Options exercisable at $0.05, expiring 13 December 2023 1 100% of the options in this class are held by Warren Bingham. 1 holder holds over 100,001 options. 3. Voting rights The Company is governed by the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia). In accordance with Article 12 of the Company’s Articles ( Articles ): –– on a vote by show of hands, every person present who is a shareholder or proxy holder and entitled to vote on the matter, has one vote; and –– on a poll, every shareholder entitled to vote on the matter has one vote in respect of each share entitled to be voted on the matter and held by that shareholder and may exercise that vote either in person or by proxy. Please note that CDI holders are not entitled to vote at the shareholder meeting, however can vote their holding by completing the CDI voting instruction form in advance of the meeting. A CDI holder may elect to direct CHESS Depository Nominees Pty. Ltd. (“CDN”) to vote the relevant underlying common shares on his or her behalf or instruct CDN to appoint such CDI holder or his or her nominee as proxy to vote the common shares underlying the CDIs in person at the shareholder meeting. Options Option holders do not have any voting rights on the options held by them. 53